February 21, 2013

Funny & Abridged PS4 Announcement Video

Funny & Abridged PS4 Announcement Video
I happened to watch some of the PS4 reveal yesterday before one of the cats I was cat-sitting walked across my laptop and somehow disrupted my ability to get the live feed.

The part I was watching was pretty boring anyway.  Ooooooo, the PS4 will have more polygons. Whoopty-effing-doo!  Of course it'll render more polygons, it had better if it is a hardware upgrade.  Showing me a picture of an old man is great....if I'm into old men.

Seriously though I somehow expected the reveal for the next generation of Playstation hardware to, I don't know, show the new hardware.  I got to see a controller and listen to a bunch of buzzwords and weird video.  When my connection to the live event was disrupted I just didn't see the point in connecting back in.

Lucky for me Kotaku had a great funny 3 1/2 minute video synopsis for me to save me the trouble:

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