March 18, 2013

Gnomeland Security Reminds me of Clockwork Stomp

Gnomeland Security Reminds me of Clockwork Stomp
FairyMeat is a KenzerCo Game
My very first "real" introduction to a KenzerCo game wasn't HackMaster (although I did by the HackMaster PHB months before), but instead their fantasy miniatures wargame FairyMeat.

That was a fun little game where you used real-world terrain to have various cute, and definitely not-so-cute fae duke it out.  The game was, for me, a pleasant enough of a one-off, which is odd because I ended up getting quite a few fairy minis and I made a rather elaborate set-up to demo the game at a Dragonflight.

Eventually KenzerCo came out with the Clockwork Stomp expansion which brought gadget & weapon-obsessed Gnomes onto the FairyMeat battlefield.  While I never played this expansion, I was well aware of it....

.....and this series of videos from GnomelandHQ remind me of the game.

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