June 26, 2013

The Deadpool Game Rocks!

The Deadpool Game Rocks!
For my recent birthday Carolyn got me the new Deadpool game.

If you are a fan of Deadpool and are even thinking about trying out the game, run...don't walk...to your nearest retailer and pick it up.

I'm barely into it and I was pretty much sold before playing the first mission. The folks at High Moon Studios captured Deadpool perfectly.

Deadpool's ESRB RatingMy wife's first comment about the game was, "There sure are a lot of warnings on there." Hmm...let's check...

Well, it looks like they forgot a few things. I think I can make the needed changes:
More appropriate Deadpool ESRB rating

Much better....and sounds about right. I'm giving this game a definite two thumbs up! Extremely
awesome birthday gift. I think that High Moon Studios has to be involved in any Deadpool movie in the pipeline because they seem to understand the character better than what we've had so far.

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