July 15, 2013

Return to Garweeze Wurld

Return to Garweeze Wurld
My posts, at least for the last week, have been kind of light because I was putting a little bit (ok, probably too much) of time into a new blog.

I'm not trying to be overly ambitious or anything, it is just that I needed a good way of documenting my monthly HackMaster game and a blog seemed to fit the bit quite nicely.

I had considered hosting my own site or maybe even using some content management software, but when I listed out what I really wanted & needed it was clear that Blogger could easily meet all of my needs and require far less effort than my other options.

Return to Garweeze Wurld is my campaign blog and I'm pretty much done with it for now. I might end up adding some pages or even just adding some links from the blog to specific content on my webhost. This way the blog itself can really be a useful tool for running my game.

Feel free to check it out....or not. It's really for my group and my personal GM needs, but I know a few folks who would get a kick out of reading it.
Return to Garweeze Wurld

If you delve back far enough into this blog's archives you'll find a bunch of posts that I imported from my old gaming blog. This new blog isn't an attempt to replicate that old effort, but instead is strictly for use with one gaming group's adventures, and even then, only for this one campaign setting.

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