August 8, 2013

BFS Working on a New Album

BFS Working on a New Album
I think I'm always one of the last to know about these things, but in case that isn't true I figured I'd let my 12 readers know that one of my favorite bands, Bowling For Soup, is putting together a new record.

They are self-publishing this record, using Pledge Music to get the funds together. This seems to be quite the thing to do these days...self publish that is....because I'm guessing that the label companies these days simply aren't adding enough value for what they take off the top from the bands.

My first indication that this was happening was back in 1998 when I discovered an artist I liked in Austin TX. Before trying to self-publish her music this artist worked for a record label. The fact that she was going off on her own pointed out some me at least.

Anyway, this is a post about BFS, so I'll get back to it. For $10 you get a digital download of the record when it is released. For $15 you get the digital download, a physical CD, and another download of an exclusive acoustic album. Figuring $10 for a digital download and $15 for a CD is what I'd pay anyway, this seems like a good deal.

The fact that BFS is donating 5% to a artist relief-fund and kicking in the extra acoustic music tells me that the record labels have to be taking in a lot off of artists...whoops, I went there again.

Feel free to check out the BFS Pledge Music site, or you could just watch the pledge video here...

....but your probably want to go and make a pledge.

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