August 4, 2013

We Went to See Red 2 Today

Went to see Red2
Today Carolyn and I went to go see Red 2. We both enjoyed the first one and neither of us had really seen anything regarding this second one.

Now to be fair, neither of us watches regular TV and we don't get the local paper, but have a comic-based movie come out an to NOT have heard anything.....just doesn't seem right.

Red 2 Movie PosterOf course as soon as the movie rolls you find out it is a DC property, so maybe it really wasn't advertised worth a crap. This is a shame because outside of some of the last few Batman movies DC hasn't done well with regard to comic book movies. When they do a good job, like they did with Red (and I dare say Red 2), they should get off their duff and let everyone know.

Aside from one specific detail, which I shall not divulge, I found most of the movie quite unpredictable. I laughed more than I expected and there were quite a few little tongue-in-cheek surprises that were tie-ins from the 1st movie.

Another surprise is to look up the movie online and see that Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 42%, which is odd because the audience gave it a 72%. I think the 72% rating is much more appropriate.

In short, if you liked Red you should enjoy Red 2.

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