September 19, 2013

iOS 7 Music Even More Messed Up Than Imagined (ie. Still Sucks Balls)

iOS 7 Music Even More Messed Up Than Imagined (ie. Still Sucks Balls)
I'm getting to a point where I may just go ahead and do away with iTunes for my laptop and use an alternate music manager for my iPad.

I know a lot of people have better alternatives to iTunes, but for me it was a matter of something simple that worked. Now with iOS7 it is neither simple or working.

This morning when I "upgraded" to the knew OS I was "gifted" with a bunch of music that I didn't want and cannot get rid of. I've tried finding the music in iTunes (not there), searching my laptop's music directory (nope), and even went so far as to see if telling iTunes not to sync music and then re-syncing would help (you guessed it). The last bit was kind of comical because I get a warning that "Are you sure you do not want to sync music? All existing songs and playlists on the iPad 'Christopher's iPad' will be removed."

download from the cloud iconYES FOR THE LOVE OF PETE YES! GET RID OF EVERYTHING AND LET ME HAVE MY OWN ^%^&%@$#! MUSIC! Of course choosing this option does absolutely nothing....all my music and all of the "bonus" music is still on the iPad.

Now I've checked online to find nothing about this "bonus" music. I even checked my iCloud account, which I don't use, and there isn't even a spot for music there. This occurred to me because all of these freebie songs show some icon that I have to presume is "download from the cloud".

Wait a second.....I remember seeing something in the settings that is related.....there is a "Show All Music" switch. The notation shows that when on "all music that has been downloaded or that is stored in iCloud will be shown."

Well.....I couldn't find squat for music in my iCloud account.......not even a placeholder.
My unused iCloud account before I deleted it.

I just went ahead and deleted my iCloud account since I wasn't using it for anything.....and that didn't fix the problem.

Ok, back to this "Show All Music" switch. When switched "on" this is my album listing:
My album list when I have it set to show all my music
Ok.....nothing has changed. Not really unexpected since this was the default setting. I did delete my iCloud account so these "bonus" songs should be on my iPad....but they still show the download from cloud icon and they don't show up in iTunes....

Now let's see what happens when I turn the switch to "off":
My album list when I have it set to show only downloaded music

Well, some of these bonus songs are missing....along with my entire fricken library! The only songs left are some of the unwanted songs! Seriously?!! WTF?

I didn't buy these songs and I didn't download them to my iPad.

I thought maybe they only mean "purchased" music instead of "downloaded", but there are four or five songs I purchased straight through iTunes and not one of them shows up.

What I have going on right now is a device that has items on it I didn't ask for and cannot get rid of. I cannot even use iTunes to get rid of the items I do want, so it looks like, at best, is that I can add new items to the iPad (verified I can still add items), but that is it.

At this point I don't even know if a third-party music manager would work unless it can take out the stuff already on the iPad.

Maybe this is just me.....but last I checked Apple is kind of a big company. Don't they have people to alpha and beta test these things?


Anonymous said...

lets not forget that now control is eliminated altogether running music in landscape mode. Oh and try to "add all" to a play list to just randomly play your entire library from your phone. Nope, cant do it.
IOS7 Music Sux and I'm pissed.

Anonymous said...

I had the same ridiculous problem. I think it's music that at some point was downloaded or stored in iCloud. At least, mine were.
I got rid of the songs showing up in Music by going to Settings -> Music -> Show All Music ->OFF

Good luck