September 19, 2013

iOS 7 Music All Kinds of FUBAR

iOS 7 Music All Kinds of FUBAR
I went ahead an updated my iPad to the new iOS7 and to say that I'l less than thrilled is rather.....polite.

Overall it seems like a cosmetic upgrade, but truth be told I haven't really been playing with my assorted apps much. I do like my notifications showing up prominently when I turn on my iPad, but I'd gladly go back to the earlier OS, and may try to downgrade (I hope it is possible) just to get back the music player.

Seriously...the new player is all kinds of FUBAR. You get one basic layout and can cycle through the various ways that one layout can be organized. Now on the old OS I usually used the album layout so I could see a lot of album cover art and quickly choose which album I want to listen to. Now I have to scroll through a long list of albums, sorted by artist, to find what I want because most of the screen is wasted white-space. I looked at the settings and there isn't a way to get a decent album view.

To top it all off, all of a sudden I have a bunch of new music on my iPad that I never put there! If I wanted to listen to new artists I could use the fricken new Radio feature. Dumping a bunch of albums/songs in my iPad is over the line. It leads to longer downloads and now I have to connect my iPad to my computer and manually delete this crap. By "crap" I mean music I never asked to be exposed to. Some of these groups might be something I'd listen to, but not if it is forced onto me. I don't have one sing Country song or artist on my iPad....or at least I didn't until today.

Crappy album-view interface with unwanted music
I just checked....they didn't change my layouts on the laptop with the new iTunes update....

Thank you Apple for making your products less user-friendly....and just less friendly in general.

EDIT/UPDATE: I cannot remove these unwanted songs from my device. Not only is there no button or gesture to delete them, they don't show up in iTunes either. To make matters interesting, my wife's iPad doesn't do the same thing. I've tried unsyncing all of my music and then re-establishing the sync to the songs I want, but that doesn't work.

What a PITA.

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