September 14, 2013

Oxymoron: Webcomic Professional

PvP Has Jumped the Shark some time ago
I'm not quite so sure why this bothers me so much.....

I have a semi-normal morning routine where I get up, feed the pets, and then sit down at my laptop and go through a list of web-comics and news sites. Almost all of the web-comics publish on a regular schedule, and those that do generally make that schedule quite clear.

There is one particular web-comic, a particular "big name", who has been rather successful in the industry to the point where he likes to share with others the bounty of his experience in being a successful web-comic. He's taken on tons of projects in the last few years and even has gone so far as to publish books on the subject.

That's all well and good, but quite frankly this artist just isn't delivering web-comics anymore, at least not on the professional level. His website is listed as "UPDATES MON-FRI", but good luck with that. His site is one of those where you have to click through to see the daily comic. I know that is just so he can make more money off of having to show us a second page of ads....nothing wrong with that, but I am finding over and over again that I'm looking at two pages of ads, not comics.

No matter what time of day I log on to look at the comic there is a pretty good chance there is no updated comic. Ok.....I'm not paying for this comic, so I shouldn't care too much.....I'll just look at it the next day and be a day behind, no big whoop.

Now imagine my surprise firing up my computer on Saturday to read Friday's comic only to find that there is no Friday comic. This week there were comics for Monday.....Tuesday....Wednesday....and Thursday. I go back through the archives to see the same for last week.

I'm poking around the site and there are some apologies for not being on the radio for a while...but nothing about a reduced schedule for comics. Plenty of ads though.....holy crap. This guy has at least three-to-five color ads on each page and links to his other projects and commercial endeavors plastered everywhere.

I think it just bothers me that this guy who has made himself a self-professed "expert" in the industry and who obviously has found a way to make money off of the interwebs couldn't be bothered to maintain the core reason he has managed any level of success....either that or someone who is just too lazy to change two instances of three letters on his webpage. It doesn't take much to change "UPDATES MON-FRI" to "UPDATES MON-THUR".

I guess I've had enough and it is time to delete this link from my list of morning updates.

EDIT: I know this is a bit of a rant, and I feel remiss in not mentioning at least the closest equivalent to PvP as far as size & business endeavors, but 180* out as far as updates: Least I Could Do.

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