December 27, 2013

Am I Getting Too Old for this Shit? Nope!

Awesome Terrible Movie Trailer
Courtesy of Gizmodo comes the revelation that out of all the movies I've ever seen, nothing will compare to the glory that is, or more precisely, will beKung Fury.

I've always been a big fan of B-Movies, but there is a fine line to walk when you making a B-Movie, especially when you know you are making a "bad" movie. I've seen plenty of movies that are awesome because they don't know they are bad and but rarer is the "good" B-Movie that is good because the people making the film knew it was bad. It is all-too rare for a cognizant group of folks to put out a bad movie worth watching.

I think the folks over at Laser Unicorn know what they are doing and are going to do a delightfully terrible job doing it. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

If you want to help out, this is their Kickstarter. I want to see this movie get made.

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