December 19, 2013

This Cool/Creepy Video Features My Buddy's Daughter!

Psycho Santa \ Big Hugs Elmo Killer Santa \ Vol. 1
A couple of weeks ago a buddy of mine was posting some odd pics of his daughter online. He probably explained a few things that I somehow either didn't see or just glossed over, so I just ended up assuming she was in some dance class rehearsing for a Christmas show.

New flash for those of you who don't know me all that well....I generally don't care about your kid's clumsy dance recitals. They might be fun and exciting to you and I don't begrudge you or your spawn's opportunity to have fun in dance, but please spare me from having to suffer from watching your precious snowflake's odd gyrations and off-key butchering of beloved Christmas songs....or worse yet, politically correct holiday offerings.

Ok, confession time general the pictures and videos of your kids don't really bother me unless you are just an ass pushing the pics and videos on me. That is actually what bugs the hell out me, not the kids, but the parents. Most every kid that I've seen raised as a special snowflake, yes...I'm using that as a derogatory term, has ended up being just a smaller-sized a-hole spawn that you would expect. Sometimes I think you should have to get permission to breed.

I'm also quite fortunate that the parents in my social circles are not those kinds of parents and in most cases their kids are actually pretty cool because they are just juvenile versions of themselves and not their parents. Zari is one of these kids.

I've known Zari since she was a baby and we've flown to Tennessee to visit her family and she's flown out here to visit with us. My wife and I have even managed a bona fide vacation to the "happiest place on earth" with her and her parents. She's special alright, and NOT in the snowflake kind of way.

Case in point:

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