May 6, 2014

Waste of my Time Job Interview

Waste of my Time Job Interview
Today I had a job "interview", normally a source of eager anticipation, possibly even excitement. This "interview" did little more than piss me off because it was largely a waste of my time.

Halfway through this "interview" I'm told that I don't meet the basic requirements for the job I applied for......


I'm not 100% sure what pisses me off more, the fact I wasted time applying for a job that didn't bother to put their required minimum qualifications in the job posting, or the fact they called me in for a interview when they knew I wasn't what they wanted.

Now to be "fair" the interview was being held by a staffing agency and they just wanted to add me to their list of people available for work. Now this doesn't take the edge off any.

Another thing to add to the list is the fact that this position required HR experience in a manufacturing start-up. Holy crap is that specific or what? Now that would have been helpful to know before I spent all the time applying for the job, must less driving across town for nothing.

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