July 2, 2014

Two Recent Things That Make Me Go WTF?!

Two Recent Things That Make Me Go WTF?!
These last couple of days I've been struck with two specific instances where I had to go WTF?!

I have a small wood-working/game project I'm working on and I've had to make too many trips to the hardware store. The closest Home Depot is down the road in between my city and the next one. The space between is getting filled in fast, with one massive building standing out from the rest of the new construction. Sure enough it is a gargantuan Assisted Living facility, all one level because they can.

There is a lot of other new buildings going up around that construction and since they are smaller buildings they are getting completed sooner than the large "home". One of these small & new buildings is a funeral home that is quite noticeable as you drive by. Yes, what I want to see first when driving to Grandma's "home" is a Funeral Home. Seriously? You couldn't be a bit more subtle......do people actually pick funeral homes based on curbside appeal?

Today I got a notice about a new Kickstarter from a "friend". Basically I guy in the industry I've known for years, but not really close to....and associate of sorts. This guy's self-promotion on social media borders on spamming and I cut him a little slack because he's been trying to work the social media to get his fundraisers going......

.....and that is going to stop now. This notice was for his third Kickstarter and he hasn't even delivered on the first one yet. Stop asking for money for new projects when you haven't finished with the old ones. Seriously....WTF?!

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