July 14, 2014

WTF Baby Life Insurance

WTF Baby Life Insurance
So I was at a restaurant with the Mrs. yesterday and an add for baby life insurance came on several of the TVs in the place. As I looked up at the screen all I could think was WTF?!

The screen read something to the effect of, "Protect Your Baby's Future with Gerber Life Insurance". I looked online and couldn't find the same graphics/text from the commercial. I'm guessing that whoever put the advert together didn't get that life insurance pays out after death, so at best it protects your investment in deciding to breed.

Now before getting all high & mighty on me, I know that in this instance they are peddling some term life insurance that has a cash value that can be taken out in the future. The idea is that if the policy isn't paid out due to the baby's death, at a certain age they can pull X amount of cash out of it, allegedly for something like college tuition, but more realistically for one semester of books. If you want to save for your kid's education then actually save for the education, not let someone peel off a good percentage and not earn decent interest.

I was just going off of the ad that I could see and not hear on TV. That ad looked pretty messed up.

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