July 31, 2014

Near Useless Request for Information

Wow....just wow.
Today I received an email from the Idaho Department of Labor with a request for information from one of my State Senators. My Senator is collecting Veteran's stories regarding interaction with the Veteran's Administration.

While the focus was obviously on medical issues, the survey being used to collect information was about the VA in general, so I had to relay my only real interaction with the VA, which would be my "fun" with the VRAP program.

I won't go too much into detail since you can always search "VRAP" on this blog, but to sum it up in a sentence: I took on debt for a worthless Associates Degree because I was promised special employment assistance once I completed my degree, but there is no special assistance.

Of course, wouldn't you know, after typing the much longer version out and hitting "submit" the survey database errors out. Seriously?! I guess the information wasn't really that important.

Fortunately, and I'm probably pushing things using that term, I half-expected this and did a little Ctrl+A & Ctrl+C on that form field before hitting submit. I just pasted it into an email for the good Senator, but I doubt I'll get anything more than a form letter from some intern.

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