January 13, 2015

Just Some More HR/Job Rant...Nothing to See Here

Just Some More HR/Job Rant...Nothing to See Here
This week I got a bot of good news and a bit of bad news.

1st the bad....I found out that my application wasn't even reviewed for a position I should be qualified for because the "test" I took as part of my application indicated I wasn't experienced enough. Sounds fair, right? Well the problem was that the test itself was so biased that the only people who would be "experienced enough" are those that already have the job!

Say you need someone to work your HRIS (Human Resources Information System). Now any company of a decent size will end up having their own customized HRIS. When looking for an employee you should be searching for someone with HR experience and database experience. Limiting your search to those with HR experience and knowledge of your specific HR database by name only limits the pool of qualified applicants. Tightening the reins even more to say you need someone with experience with your particular configuration of the HRIS limits the application pool to current employees.

In previous work I used what was essentially an HRIS. Of course we ended up calling it by the database name. When visiting another company using the same database you'd never know it because the database was customized in a completely different fashion. I was like comparing a Windows program to the Mac equivalent. Parts of it kind of looked the same, but functioned differently and some functions in one weren't available in the other. Heck one company I worked for used the same database application for two completely different functions and 99% of the employees had no clue they were the same database.

Now I'm writing about HRIS & databases, but you can easily substitute a number of different systems, programs, paperwork, etc.

It seems a lot of employers just don't "get" that they are limiting their options to their own detriment. Instead of looking for folks with.....I don't know.....compliance experience, looking for those that have "experience processing Form 354H requests" (with Form 354 being the general government form and the Form 354H being the variant used by your office) is overkill.


As to the good news, I found out that the Society for Human Resource Management finally pulled their head out and completely revamped their certification system to something actually appropriate and applicable to those working in the field (I know that these are judgments on my part). Instead of having to have 2 years of Exempt-Level Experience with a Bachelor's Degree to even sit for the exam.....the exam that employers want for "entry level" experience.

Heck, you can actually work in HR and earn this certification without a degree! Since I run into so many folks that don't have the education and just "fell in" to an HR position, whereas my degree and experience isn't getting me squat......well it's nice that this option is there. I also like that if you don't have a degree you at least need some HR education....or at least working on it.

The first testing cycle for this new/revamped certification is this summer, so I have to save up and pony up the cash for the exam fee.

Edit: I do see a potential issue that means I'll have to test maybe in the winter cycle....damn.

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