April 20, 2020

A Quick Social Engineering Story

A Quick Social Engineering Story
Shorty story about having fun at the grocery store.....as some of you may know I worked grocery for a few years, but this was me as a customer.

I was in another freakin time-zone and on my way to a game convention when I stopped at a grocery store for supplies. This was one of those places where you needed an established account to get the advertised sale prices*. The cashier, a woman of about 50, asked for my account number and when I told her I didn't have one because I live 2,000 miles away from this chain of stores, she just asked me for my phone number because she could look me up by phone number.

Wow......ok. I replied "867-5309."

The bagger, a young man in his early 20's with Down's starts laughing....he gets it.

The cashier? Not a clue.....just asks me "what area code". I tell her "whatever area code we're in right now". She's clearly confused, but types it in as I suggest...

Of course the "code" works.....

....it always works. Anytime you need a phone number for some savings, try Jenny's Number....it ALWAYS works. There is always that one guy.

*If you make me sign up for an account to get coupons and sale prices basically so you can get me to pay via marketing information, just know I'll be a gay 68 year-old Jewish black woman with 12 children and an annual income of roughly $750k.....and I'll fill in every other demographic just as poorly.

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