March 22, 2012

This is your cat on drugs......

This morning Polly was started on a kitty dose of generic Prozac, Feline Fluoxetine....if you will.  For some reason I was against dosing the cat, but she is still having problems fitting in.

For the most part the dog and the cat like Polly, and I have no idea why.  Tessa wants to play with Polly and Krystal lets Polly into "her" room and has no qualms about sharing the bed.  Polly is content to steal Krystal's food and Tessa's water, but likes to pee in Tessa's bed and refuses to come on our bed if she knows Krystal is in the room.

She's come a long way since we first got her and a lot of our initial problems are pretty much gone.  Both Carolyn and I have been working with her, showing Polly a lot of individual attention but we can only get her so far in terms of acclimation.  We've been securing the dog bed from Polly when we can, but if there is a slip-up you'll know soon enough.  This week I caught Polly urinating in Tessa's pillow while I was watching her from a couple feet away.

We really want her to be happy and most of the time Polly appears to be just that.  If it takes a little medicine to get her the rest of the way I was willing to try it.  Had I known that I could get a generic pet med for $10 I think I might have been willing to try it our much sooner.  $10 for six months medication is a good price....assuming this works.

I got a good laugh when picking up the meds at my Fred Meyer pharmacy.  I had to sign a HIPPA agreement on behalf of my "minor" custodian.  Evidently while I can pick up pet meds at the pharmacy, they don't really have a system in place to distinguish between human and pet patients so my beloved Polly has medical privacy rights.

Even funnier was when we got home and looked at the pill bottle.  Although the pharmacy knew it was for a cat, they had to put the standard warning labels on the bottle.  We must take extra precaution with Polly when taking her "prozac".  Alcohol can intensify the effect and she should not operate a car or dangerous machinery while on these meds.

Too bad, because she had a driving date with Toonces the cat.....

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