December 27, 2004

All packed up and gone...

My buddy finally got his crap packed up and sent off to Spokane, with no small thanks to me. I'm not bragging or looking for yet another thanks...just stating a simple fact.

My wife and I went out to "going away" lunch with another friend and my rocket scientist buddy. Since I didn't have any plans for the day I offerred to help get the UHaul truck and start on the loading. The other guys showed up for a while to help out (and boy was he needed). One room had been packed up......poorly.

For all of you (as if anyone other than my now-moved friend reads this) that might think about moving-use smaller boxes, just more of them. I'm still sore from wrestling with those boxes, and I was using a hand truck as much as possible. There were boxes that two of us had problems lifting. Who the hell keeps a boulder collection? Oh, they are just 2'x2'x3' packed solid with hard-cover books......not much different.

Basically I spent a night and a morning trudging up three flight of stairs lugging boxes while Mr. IQ puttered around in his kitchen packing boxes. Seriously dude, for a room you don't use, you had too much crap to screw with. For those of you who don't know him, he had this huge spice rack...probably cost about $80, but he doesn't all. Just something to "impress" the ladies. Oops, your secret is out. I guess you'll have to charm them with your windmill.

Hopefully your trip up north went uneventful and your....and all of the readers...holdiays went well.

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Illuminati Rob said...

. . . and I have to say a GREAT thank you to my friend Chris. He most definately busted his ass to help me move out of that apartment as quickly as possible. I have to say that getting my "Pimpmaster 5000" headboard down to the truck was the most entertaining part, lol. Thanks again for all the help Chris. Well, I am going to head off to bed. Talk to you soon.