December 22, 2004

If I'm found dead....

I'm watching CNN and as part of the story on the attack in Mosul they branch off and have an side story about a soldier who had died earlier. This person left behind, among other things, some emails on his ISP. There are some "experts" who have offered to hack this poor guy's account and make all of his correspondence available to the surviving family.

For the record, at least on "big" ISP considers their customer's account's terminated (and deleted) upon thier death.

I don't know about you, but I for one spent some time in the Air Force. My family knows I'm no angel, but I sure as hell wouldn't want them knowing my entire dark side. When I was overseas and living in the barracks, the guys and I made a pact to clean up each other's room in the event of sudden death.

The military is very good about packing up your stuff and sending it off to the surviving family. They will even pack up your garbage. Like I wanted my father to get my skin mags and porn packed in with my medals and citations. Not that would mom would probably get sent the porn.

For the love of mom and apple pie, leave well enough alone and do not violate the privacy of the dead.


Illuminati Rob said...

Amen, I hear that one man. I know that when I was over in the Balkans that I would not have wanted someone going through my stuff and sending it back out to my family after I died. They should just leave it all alone.

Unknown said...

Dude. I was sitting in the MWR tent at Kirkuk Reg. Air Base (with the Army, but living with the AF was AWESOME) watching the same story on CNN. Soldiers don't really have a pact like that; it's an unspoken truth that if something happens to your battle buddy, make sure his mom doesn't have any reason to be more upset than she is. Oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog!