January 20, 2005

Job Interview

I've been unemployed going on 6 months now. Probably shouldn't have quit my job at Fred Meyer before I had gained employment elsewhere, but I really didn't like working there anymore and to be honest, I wasn't a pleasant person to be around towards the end. As soon as I was sure I'd completed all of my degree requirements at Boise State I gave my notice. Seven weeks and 5 days is plenty lead time, probably too much.

Its been more difficult to find a new job than I would have expected. Until recently, I've never not gotten a job that I had applied for. I've had a few interviews so far, but no offers. Most of the jobs I've interviewed for I didn't want, so it hasn't been an issue, but today I finally had a "good" interview.

Aside from my time in the service, pretty much all of my work experience has been in retail....with most of that in a management role. My original work goal after college was to try to get on up at the Kroger HQ in Portland. I had a regional manager who would give me a recommendation, and all of my supervisors were all for it.

The big drawback with that plan was that the Mrs. and I would have to move to Portland. I've only been in Boise since 2000 and I haven't got to do a bunch of the things I moved to Boise to do. We are only a couple of years into our house and I want to be in this home for five years or so before selling.

So where am I going with my roundabout ramblings? I want to work at the Albertsons Corporate Office(s) here in Boise. Today was my first interview for a position with that company. I've applied for a good 12 positions with Albertsons since I left Fred Meyer, but yesterday was the first time I'd gotten anywhere. HR called me and set up an interview for either yesterday or today. I found it unusual that they would be calling for interviews for the day of.

The interview went well enough, if not a bit on the short side. I wasn't interviewed by someone in HR, but by the manager in charge of the department/section. It quickly became apparent that Albertsons is looking for several people to fill a new office. The manager didn't have a copy of the job posting available and it seemed this was just a general look -n- see. The position I applied for is a salaried entry-level manager position, but they have some hourly positions in the same office available. I'm not too picky at this point.....not because I've been unemployed for so long, but because I want to work for Albertsons. Even if the initial position isn't one I'm thrilled about, it would get my foot in the door and I'm sure they'd' be more than satisfied with my work and I'd be able to step into a more suitable position.

I've been unemployed long enough now that I'm willing to wait for a good job.

PS. I won't hear back from Albertsons until the week after next.

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.: aGent X ::.. said...

keep up this positive outlook and you will be successful eventually.

good luck for the interview outcome and hope you will get the job! cheers...