January 22, 2005

Game night

The Mrs. and I have a group of friends that we hang out with and play games with not nearly often enough. I love playing games, most notably RPGs such as Hackmaster. We are also in a D&D 3.5 group, but it is hard to get everyone together to play. Last night we couldn't play D&D so we were going to start a new Hackmaster campaign. Carolyn wasn't quite ready to go and was a bit tired from working that day so we finished up a couple of loose ends with our previous Hackmaster session and played some other great games.

First we played a couple rounds of Bang. If you haven't played Bang, I recommend it highly as it is a fast and fun game. The players have defined, but secret, roles except for the player who is the Sheriff (everyone knows who he is). The Sheriff must kill the Outlaws and Renegade to win, while the Outlaws must kill the Sheriff and the Renegade must kill the Outlaws first and then the Sheriff. If you have enough players there is one or two Deputies who must simply keep the Sheriff alive. Depending on the number of players you can usually guess who is who, but the Sheriff can easily be in the dark. That player might have a clue who the Outlaws are, but not wether the player helping him is the Renegade or maybe a Deputy. Anyway it is fast and fun.

After a bit we switched over to Lawless. It is a longer game than Bang and just as simple to play. I guess we were going for a Western theme night. In Lawless you try to win by having the most land, money, cattle, and cowboys. The cool thing about this game is that at the end you score points based on your standing amongst the others in the four scoring areas. You can win the game by consistently coming in second in all the areas, unless another player consistently comes in first. Carolyn kicked ass playing her first game of Lawless. Out of 20 possible points she scored 17.

The last game we played that night, aside from some Game Cube/Playstation when people had to step out for a bit, was Illuminati. This is a longer and more complex game which can be fun, but is great for trash talk and screwing with the other players. One of our group (Check out my very first post in the December Archives!) who has since moved away was really into this game. I think that most of the rest of us weren't into it as much as he was and playing with him wasn't as much fun. The table-side meetings to work alliances and such have pretty much dissappeared when Illuminatirob left. Carolyn doesn't care for this game, so we don't play it much. On the plus side I won again, so that makes my winning streak with this game a good 4 in a row for an 80% win ratio. I'm not cocky though since its been pretty much luck and I'd get my ass handed to me with "real" players. If you are interested in playing this in some tournament (like at a convention), be prepared to spend the whole day doing so and having enough Machavelien action to make you feel like a true Venician.

All in all I think we all had a good time even though we really didn't play any RPGs. Just getting together for some fun and interaction is worth it.

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Illuminati Rob said...

That's alright. The evil just shows up. You won't be able to help it. You will all succumb to the true evil that is born in us all!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmm..........ok.........sorry, had a stressful day......just had to let a little loose there. lol Good to see some gaming and such is still going. I never played "Lawless" when down there, but I did like "Bang" and of course we all know that I love the good ole "Illuminati".