March 16, 2005

When it rains, it pours.....

Yesterday I got a "Thanks, but no thanks" letter from the Real Estate Commission. I'm a bit bummed about it. Not so much as that I didn't get the job, but the fact that I didn't even make it to the second interview. Most likely I never had a chance anyway and this position was already filled, with interviews and such just a formality. I scored high on the initial exam, had some preference points, and thought I had a good interview. When I called my references I found out that none of them had been contacted. During my interview (actually in the first 5 mnutes.....I taped my interview so I could review my performance) I was told that contacting my references was part of the interview itself and a requirement.

So basically I'm a little cheesed off. I'm going to call on of my interviewers and see if I can pick up any hints/tips to better my chances next time I get an interview.

While I was almost wallowing in self-pity I get a call from my father. I wasn't expecting a call so it was a pleasant suprise.....until he told me he was calling to let me know he has a cancerous pituitary galnd and is having surgery Friday to have most of it (the gland) removed. That was a bit of a kick in the balls. How the hell do you respond to that?! I'm glad he called me, my folks haven't kept in the loop on this kind of stuff before, but knowing that I'm pretty much broke and unable to do a damn thing didn't help me feel an ounce better than I had that morning. After getting off of the phone I did pretty much the only thing I could, mope a bit and have a beer.

I've always believed that life, just like many other things, is cyclical. There has to be low points to even out the high points and eventually everything is going to get better (or for us pessimists out there, worse). My only question is am I at the bottom of the cycle or still headed down?

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