March 20, 2005

Things are starting to look up....

Ok, in order of occurance (as opposed to order of importance):

I talked to a psychic Thursday and she told me I'd have a job soon. It is one I've already applied for and the benifets are really good. A local radio station has a "staff psychic" every Thursday. You can try to call in and ask one question. Usually the callers are women wanting to know if they are going to get knocked up soon, or if they are ever going to get married.....oh, and they always ask more than one question..."Am I ever going to get pregnant? I am, when? A boy or a girl?......anyway I figured, what the hell. What could it hurt. It's not like I'm going to stop applying for jobs 'cause I'm going to get one anyway...

I got to game Friday, playing my DS Invoker in a HackMaster game. My wife was planning on starting Little Keep on the Borderlands, but we figured the first session would be kind of boring, mostly set-up for future sessions. Instead we played some of Relb's Revenge for HackJournal #1. Since I've ran it before, I have to play dumber than I should and about got my PC fried. Luckily for me, most of the stuff I know about the adventure I wouldn't react with (do the worst thing possible, etc.) anyway because my PC is paranoid (I think of him as basically being a HUGE pessimist, anything that can go wrong probably will). This helps a bit. We got to run some combat for the new players, so hopefully they'll get hooked. we plan on playing HackMaster those Friday nights we don't play D&D, so we should get in a decemt amount of HackMaster.

I ran some HackMaster Saturday. Some of the same people that played the night before, but we dropped one person and added one of my old players. We plan on playing every other Saturday. I think that'll help keep our players in the game since they will still have half of their Saturdays free. Also, it'll be some cheap entertainment on Carolyn's weekends off.

I finally got through to my folks to see how the old man is doing. More than extremely well. You know when you pretty much come up with a best case scenario, a worst case scenario, and a most likely? You Army command staff officers would understand that....My father basically experienced the absolutely best case scenario. His cancer was benign, practically fell out of his head when operated on, and the doctor went ahead and fixed some nasal scarring he had developed over a couple of decades of broken noses. Already he can see better, soon he'll be able to breath better, and his worst complaint is that his gut hurts from where they extracted some fatty tissue to pack in the void made by the removed cancer. Tests in a couple of weeks will tell if he needs any treatment for a diminished pituitary gland. At this rate I doubt it (but keeping my fingers crossed anyway).

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