October 17, 2005

Restaurant Service WTFO?!

Ok, as some of you may know, I've been without a car for a while. I tore the engine out of the bug and worked on the clutch (as well as some other stuffw hile I was at it). Putting it back in has been a bit of a challenge.

Things actually work out pretty well since I just come in to work early and take the bus (free for me as I have an ID card). It takes an hour to go to/from work, but it's not bad. For lunch I usually stay in or walk a coupe of blocks to Sonic or this Thai food place.

The service at this place is pretty hit-or-miss, usually miss. The food is pretty good and not too expensive, so I don't mind....for the most part. Today I was served by the only "white" girl that works there....she's about par for the course. Normally I see her in a thin white polo shirt over some logo T-Shirt, blue jeans, and flip-flops. Kind of trashy, but I'm not in the market for an 18 year old, so maybe I shouldn't have any opinion.

Twice.....twice...I get to hear here talk to another waitress/server about how much she makes in tips. I pretty much ignored her the first time, which is appropriate since she was pretty much ingoring me too. Only the booths were occupied at this time (not all fo them), not a single table, so it was maybe 1/3 full. I had to wait until after my order arrived (not with my order, or before I ordered) before getting any utensils and I had to go to another table to get any sweetener for my tea. This place never brings me my check so when I go up to the register (it is a small place) I get to hear how she "only" made $80 in tips the shift before. Only $80? I tiped 15%, but should've left a quarter and tell her to call someone who cares......

They didn't give me my fortune cookie either......

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