January 4, 2006

Ghengis Con

I know it's been a while since I've posted. Not like I have a legion of adoring fans to dissapoint.

These last couple of weeks have been leading up to the Genghis Con gaming convention in Denver (held 17-20 Feb). I was putting together two Hackmaster local tournaments and that was taking a lot of time out of my days. The tournaments went well (enough) and unfortunately they weren't challenging enough for the players. I knew that the first tournament would be a bit on the easy side, since it wasn't intended to be a killer. Part of the problem was that we ended up only running two tables, one with six players and the second with seven. If we had gotten one more player we could have had a table of four and two tables of five which would have helped immensely. The second tournament should have gotten a PC kill or two easily and I had one at my table. For both tables the luck of the dice were not with the GMs. Whenever I had the oppourtunity to stick it to the players I rolled very, very low. In the player's defense, they played very smart at the right times, protecting the weaker PCs so I couldn't have as good of an attack.
I still have some after-con stuff to attend to before I can get to posting more....

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