June 28, 2007

On Vaction!

Carolyn and I are on vacation until after Origins. I have some pics from my new digital camera (birthday present from the Mrs.) that I'll have to share.

It's been interesting taking my wife to some of my old stomping grounds and seeing just how much things have changed in the last 10-15 years. Ames, IA is much bigger than it was and what I remember as back roads and farmland is paved and inhabited.

It's been hot and humid so far. I was used to hot and dry in Boise (10% humidity when we left) and here it's been around 80% humidity......needless to say I prefer staying inside a bit.

We did manage to find an awesome comic book store in Ames......probably the best store I've ever been in. Nice large selection of comics and games and probably the best HackMaster selection I've ever seen. I had to buy some product I'd probably never get to use.....just had to.

We also toured one fo the Boy Scout Camps I worked at in my youth. The place has changed tons (for the better) and the Ranger I knew still works there......been there 19 years now.

Heading down to Southern Iowa to visit my family there, then off to Columbus!

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