July 12, 2007

Sick Kitty

My cat Miu is currently sick and at the cat doctor getting IV fluids and a series of tests. I don't know how bad she is.....the vet promised to call me tonight with an update, but she didn't. For $600-$700 for the tests and care, I should have gotten the *&^#%@ update.
We returned from vacation Monday and everything seemed fine, but Tuesday she didn't seem to eat or drink any. By Wednesday she was pretty compliant. She'd simply sit whereever you put her and she wouldn't put up any resistance. Stuff that would warrant a quick nip or at least a growl or thrashing tail went totally ignored.
I managed to get a little water in her last night using a small squeeze bottle.....and a little more this morning. I tried to get an appointment with the vet at the humane society, but they couldn't fit her in and couldn't locate our pet records. Lucky I could get an early afternoon appointment with the Cat Doctor here in town.
I told myslef I'd never "waste" that kind of money on a cat, but when presented with the bill I simply couldn't say no. Lucky I have an extra paycheck this month. That money was slated to pay my boss back for my vacation hotel bill, but I'm sure he'll let me take care of this first.
Hopefully Miu will be fine. I'll draw the line at any surgery......I just wish I knew what was going on.

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