August 10, 2007

Quick Wedding

One of my co-workers got married this evening. It was a beautiful and quick wedding down at the Power House here in Boise. I had never been there before....very nice and intimate event space.

I was suprised by a couple of things at this wedding, which was largely put together by the soon-to-be married couple and their friends & family. I'm pretty sure they did not have any professional services lined up except for those that came with the Power House. They had these beautiful programs that were the nicest I've ever seen. Usually the programs are shoddy or over-the-top "professional" affairs. Theirs was much nicer.

The wedding cake was the best I've had was cheesecake! I like cheesecake. I told the bride my opinion on the cake and found out it was a "last minute" substitution because the icing on the "real" cake made it inedible. It was a pretty cake, just tasted like crap.

Oh well. Carolyn and I were there for an hour (actually an hour and a half, but I mean from the start of the wedding) and by then they were already past all the traditional dances.....oh and a good half hour was used taking more pics. The wedding was short and sweet, but didn't seemed rushed.

If more weddings were this nice I might be more willing to attend them.

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