August 11, 2007

Saturday Downtown Boise

Carolyn and I spent a late Saturday morning in downtown Boise. We started off in the Farmer's Market, which runs every Saturday May through October (but they try to sneak another one or two in December). It's a cool place to get some breakfast and possibly a few good trinkets. I bought a 5th Anniversary present for Carolyn (our anniversary is August 16th)'s wood...the traditional 5th anniversary present.

We didn't see squat for food that interested us except for some dried fruit. There is one vendor that shows up every weekend that has awesome dried fruit. In the past we've gotten gift baskets of their product to send out for things like Father's Day. I got some dried Fuji Apples and Bartlett Pears for my trip next week.

So after a quick trip through the market we went over to Guidos for lunch. Best damn pizza in town! they were pretty busy and had a HUGE pizza order ahead of our desired meal of pizza and strombolis. We got a slice each and a drink and then had to wait for 45' for our "boleese" to be done. There are worst ways to kill most of an hour. We read the local rags and in one of them they mentioned a Koi "thing" going on at the Boise Depot. I used to have some beautiful ornamental goldfish, so we decided to go.

From Koi Exibition

The Boise Depot is the old train station at the top of Capitol, right where it turns into Vista. It's at the very edge of the area called "the Bench" and it has a commanding view of the valley. The commuter trains stopped coming to Boise decades ago and now the Depot is used for social events. Lots of weddings take place there, and even more wedding photos in their beautiful garden. They have a very large Koi pond out front.

There were lots of kool Koi (had to go for the alliteration) and some were several feet in length. I also found some nice goldfish and even a good source for new fish if I decide to get my aquarium back to full speed...which I really should.

Good times.....

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Dan said...

You beat me in getting to the depot! I need to take some top secret pictures there for an upcoming project.