August 19, 2007

Recent Trip and Kitty Update

I spent last week on a business trip visiting a treatment center in first time in that great state. John (my boss) and I flew down to New Orleans and then drove over a couple of hours to the location in Mississippi. Since I had never been to New Orleans before John made sure to take me downtown to the Marriott for a quick lunch. The downtown Marriott has a restuarant on the 42nd floor with a good view of the city. I brought my camera, but I didn't take squat for pics. New Orleans is still in desperate need of repair from hurricane Katrina. It's been a couple of years and there is still a LOT of work needing to be done. I do suspect that I wouldn't have been terribly impressed even if the Big Easy was in pristine condition. Downtown seemed little more than a collection of eateries (some damn fine one's I've been told) and liqour stores. Oh well, been there, done one photo:

I'm going back next month so I'll try to take some better photos.

The heat was oppressive. I knew the humidity might be a bit much, but they were actually having record heat while we were there. It wasn't as bad as I had expected actually. We flew in on Monday and John flew out on Wednesday to Chicago. I couldn't get beck to Boise until Thursday so I stayed at a cool new Marriott in New Orleans. The room had views to die for and really didn't feel like a hotel room. Unfortuneately for me I got sick on Wednesday and I pretty much just camped out and sweated in my bed. I thought I felt better Thursday and flew back...but I wasn't better. I slept from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning and have been recovering since. Good times.

Now Miu...she'd had her meds cut in half. She was being overdosed big time. To put things in perspective. Her thyroid test runs 1-10, with 4 being normal....her first reading was 9. Not good. After the first round of meds she was down to 1...whoops too much. Cutting the meds back by half really perked her up, except she still isn't eating on her own still. She's also been acting wierd. At night she's been playing with her water dish and she spends a LOT of time camped out in the bathroom. Most of it next to her bowl (all the cats seem to like having that bowl there....I don't get it), but she also likes to jump into the tub as soon as we finish our showers and today I caught her in the bathroom sink. She isn't licking the water off of the sides and seems to enjoy any dripping water landing on her back......again I don't get it.

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