September 8, 2007

Chehwanitzi Gwyllion

Chehwanitzi Gwyllion is my new PC for my online play by post (PbP) HackMaster game on Roleplay Online. I'm supposed to have my PC background all typed up for the GM and I've been severely lacking the motivation to do so. Mostly because I often make up said background as I play the PC and things come to me. Instead of banging out some info on word I thought I'd do a Blogger post that I could edit and update as I saw fit.

Chehwanitzi ("Cheh") was born Tu'Mar, Quay'Tera 16th in the year TR 153 to "Sir" Tancred Henkie and his girlfriend Ionay Gwyllion of Shadluria. Cheh's dad was a renowned Pixie Fairy Knight Errant and his mother was a Sprite from the Lake Peril area of the Bowmar Forrest. Although they've been together through several reincarnations of his father, Cheh's parents have never married, which is why he is considered a member of the Gwyllion clan.

Cheh's relationship with his father is a bit strained as Sir Tancred had the misfortune of dying a couple of times when he was young and taking the maximum time to be reborn and grow back up. It didn't help that he picked up an odd quirk each time too. Some things can't be made better by a simple "sorry" from the "old man". During this time in his life Cheh's real "father figure" was his Uncle Aggan, a Magic User Pixie Sprite like himself.

When the time came for Cheh to go to school he decided to try his hand at magic. He wasn't very strong and didn't have clerical or thiefly inclinations, although he was quite dextrous for a Pixie Sprite. Uncle Aggan managed to pull some strings and get Cheh a spot at the Elite Varturuas Academy of Magic. Unfortunately Varturus is located in Fangarie, which is several countries away from Shadluria. In the initial testing at the Academy proved that Cheh wasn't quite a bright as everyone had hoped. While not stupid, he wasn't as smart as the many of his classmates. Uncle Aggan consulted with the Academy staff and it was decided the best thing for Cheh was to focus his studies where his strength lies, so he was enrolled to become a Double Specialist of Alteration.

The narrow focus of his studies helped out quite a bit. He even made the Dean's list one semester and graduated at the top quarter of his class. In addition to his normal studies he took several electives in Botany and Alchemy. Being able to change simple plant components into useful herbal remedies seemed quite natural to a magic user in his field.

Cheh didn't make too many friends at school. It was rather difficult for him to communicate effectively with them as he was essentially a foreign exchange student. He did manage to learn a little Forcuran from his roommate Quoreth (a Human Diviner) and get a little better understanding of the local culture. About halfway through his education Cheh received a surprise visit from his father. Sir Tancred decided to visit his son and make sure he attended the Pixie Meet. There he got to see his father in several jousts (ended up coming in second place!) and get a couple of useful tattoos. After the Pixie Meet Cheh was able to get along much better with his students and teachers since he could now understand what they were saying better (Spreakin Tattoo) and communicate with their familiars (Jukarin Tattoo).

When Cheh graduated he received a fair amount of money as a graduation gift....along with his father's Lance and Leather Jousting armor. "Gee thanks dad....crap I'll never use!" He was able to purchase a couple of pack goats to haul his crap...and his super-heavy spellbook, and now he's slowly making his way back to Shadluria. If he'd have flown he'd been home a long time ago, but he can't leave his precious spellbook behind.

Cheh has been working his way east, making good use of navigable waterways (much smoother ride having the goats take a barge) and has stopped in the capital city of Abos, Abosoria. He received word that his room-mate was in town and that there might be good cause to delay his return home.

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