September 23, 2007

Do ad execs think we are this stupid?


I'm watching TV with the Mrs and this commercial comes on. Of course we both find it funny, but the question comes to mind wondering if women still do these type of things? At least in the commercial the guy is wise enough not to answer, but in the real world, if a man were dumb enough to pretty much answer ANYTHING he's screwed. This question ranks right up there with "Do these pants make my ass look fat?"

I told Carolyn I'd probably have answered (to the "which one of my friends would you sleep with?") "neither, your Mom is so much hotter." I figure if I'm gonna get pressed into screwing myself over I might as well go big, get dumped by the person asking the question, and start a new relationship with someone who wouldn't do such an underhanded thing.

But that's just me.....

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