October 13, 2007

Idea for a Table

When putting together a table, my first thought is about making the GM process easier. With that in mind, I also have to consider the amount of work that goes into the table-making process vs. the reward a GM would get out of it.

The Magic Item tables took a LOT of work, and if not for the inclusion of items from the Knights of the Dinner Table Magazines, HackJournal, and KenzerCo adventures, it really wouldn't be worth it. I'd love to put all the Hacklopedia of Beasts entries for a huge table of monsters, but the effort isn't worth it.

I am thinking, however, to create a table for random events while traveling. There is a HackJournal article about overland travel (more about using horses and wagons) and the GM shield (and probably the GMG) has when to check for wandering monsters based on time of day. What I need is some sort of weather generation table and I'd be set. I think I could use the old Wilderness Survival Guide from AD&D 2.0

This table would have parameters for climate, terrain, and distance to be travelled (or even just time to be travelled). A couple clicks and you'd have a table of events to help describe the journey. If any wandering monsters are indicated I'd even have it roll the number for you and maybe have some basic data (probably not much more than which HOB to grab as typing all of the entries is a bit much). I would need another parameter for Ave party level for that often forgotten bit about wandering monster adjustment.

I have also been thinking of making a "table" to help GMs determine average party level, Honor rating, and alignment. Basically it'll be setup with a bunch of parameters that only need to be adjusted when thinigs change for the party.

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