December 14, 2007

Welcome to Goblin's Tooth!

My new group was blooded by "Relb's Workshop" from HackJournal #1 and now have moved on to the exciting locale of Goblin's Tooth. I've run an older group through the Dragonsfoot adventure Goblins Tooth I: Moonless Night. I introduced another character or two and have tweaked the setting some, but I found that this made a really good base of operations for new players & PCs. Not too big, not too small, and the tweaks let me keep this place going and usefull.
So far the party has come in to Goblin's Tooth on Market Day and they all picked up some fliers advertising for adventurers. The owner of the local Trading Post has some sort of Adventurer's Guild and he's always recruiting. So far they've met Pandorf (Guildmaster/Proprietor) and have also met Shanson and his wife Hazel, proprietors of the Shady Oak Inn (the only reputable inn that Goblin's Tooth has). Carla has been their waitress and the party has also met Tavin, but I doubt they'll remember him.
To date the party has pretty much taken advantage of Pandorf's offer of free room and board in exchange for listening to his speil on the Adventuring Guild. The 500 GP entrance fee is a bit steep for them at the moment. Pandorf has not-so-subtely hinted that he has a job offer that might net them the cash they have to join his guild.
The Adventurer's Guild fee is 500 GP and members must help defend the town in time of need, but Pandorf does offer several great benefits: first off, he has a deal with Shanson at the Shady Oak for lodging. Pandorf also will buy most anything of value at a set rate.....roughly 50% of the item's going rate (varies by condition, but good-quality stuff ends up being about half of the PHB rate). He can get most anything, given enough time, and he will help broker the sale of high value (magic) items with a relatively small commission. He'll also act as a bank for the PCs and can extend letters of credit to other merchants in the country. Pandorf has the contacts already established that the PCs need, and also the leads to possible dungeon crawls.
Of course......there is more going on here, but association with the Guild is well worth the expense.
Shameless plug: I heartily recommend Dragonsfoot for a great place to get some old-style adventures. If I don't get my some of my adventures published I may very well donate them to Dragonsfoot. I definately owe them something for the help they've given me!

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