December 3, 2007


I have a little downtime in my hotel room in Costa Mesa tonight and thought I'd post some pics and even a couple of video clips I took last week when I was at the Atlanta Marriott.

I've set up the laptop so I could get everything onto YouTube and get this Blogger going......only to find that my new laptop doesn't read memory sticks. D'oh!

I'm so used to pulling the memory stick out of my camera and straight into the reader on the computer. My old laptop reads memory sticks, SD, and MMC cards, while the new one only reads SD & MMC....I think. I have a 2 GB mini SD card that won't load when I put it in the adapter. It loads with a "ta-da" then unloads about 2 seconds later. Go figure.
So basically I have a couple of posts "due" my two readers.

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