March 23, 2008

Getting to play Waydol again!

Our "Hostess Inc." group has decided to take a hiatus for a while. I think some of it is Carolyn's desire to play and not GM for a while, but also becuase two PCs (40% of the party) have decided to Dual-Class and crosstrain into some sort of magic-user. This takes them out of the game for a couple of years as they go to school. BALADAR is ready to level as a Cleric, which will put him at 6th level for tournament purposes, which is about where I wanted to keep him.

So...we are starting back up with JTolman's "Troubles Inc." group. I get to play my very first HM PC Waydol Glendarn the Elven Archer. On a couple levels he's not all tricked out, but some recent rule changes (which I helped write) make him a "better" archer.

I need to get a better picture of Waydol, but this is the fig I use sometimes on the table top (the other is an extra Legolas pewter fig from the Lord of the Rings Monopoly):

Great paint job on this! I wish this was my actual fig.

Joe is running us online using a combination of Ventrillo voice chat (he has a Ventrillo Server) and MapTools. We were using a different program, but MapTools worked out so much better for our needs and the price was free! I highly recommend the program. I know we are just scratchingt he surface of what we can do with the program.

I do have a custom fig for MapTools:

Well....I was going to link the artists who made this token for me, but I just found that's he's now selling copies of it as part of a token pack. I'm hoping he's made some changes or otherwise my custom fig isn't really custom anymore. He has some other figs I'd liek to have so I'm buying that token pack....we'll have to see.

EDIT: Ok, now I'm totally pissed off. I went ahead and bought a couple hi-res token packs, and sure enough not only are my 6 tokens part of the new hi-res character pack, but they are better looking than the ones I paid for! I paid $2 a piece originally and now have a whole slew of pics that only cost me $5. When I commissioned the pieces I was informed that he retained teh rights and might re-sell them, but he'd make some minor alterations:

I don't see a difference, aside from the fact he forgot to color in part of the arm. Here is another example or two:

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