May 2, 2008

Little update

Well, I've gotten some more figs from Devinnight over at Four Ugly Monsters. That earlier rant from when I found out he was selling the custom figs I had ordered previously....well he offerred to make amends by giving me four new custom tokens. I got two new tokens for my PCs and two more generic PF tokens. It took a while to get the new tokens, but they were worth the wait. The man simply does good work. He was pretty cool in giving me the Pixie Fairy tokens not only in their proper size, but in larger/medium size so I could use them as Elvarels if I wanted to. He blurred the wings so they look like they are fluttering. Pretty cool. This guy here is my Gnome Troubleshooter Klemwinkle Cairngrin. I'm not a big fan of the facial hair, but that's such a minor thing.

We've been playing pretty solidly on Tuesday nights, using MapTool. I think most of the group is on the East Coast so what is a 7 PM game for me is 9 PM for them. Needless to say I think the lateness of the game has been the primary factor for when we can't get together. We're based out of a city at the moment and probably averaging 5th level. I'm almost suprised we're that high of a level, but we have been playing for over a year now.

In our current mission I was asked by my guild to take care of a competing guild. It seems these guys are pretty much a thieve's guild, but it looks more like a bunch of bandits that are trying to profiteer (maybe even start a war) in a local regional conflict. They've also been harrassing the Gnomes in the Gnomish Quarter. Being a Troubleshooter, my Gnomish Thief isn't a very traditional theif, but they had me at "harrassing". The group was real cool about being willing to help out, even though there isn't any pay in it. I've been shouldering all costs in this operation, as a matter of Honor, but I'm sure we'll get some good looting to make up for our troubles.

We had three days to get things done and the first day was lost just finishing up normal stuff we had already going on. We started out on the second night and ran into some trouble, but we got a bit more information and I was able to come up with a decent, but slightly complicated plan. Part of the problem was that we don't know the size of our enemy, but we did know that they had some roving guards, guard dogs, and a fenced compound. We found a relatively remote portion of the fence that was near a third story window. I was able to get in a scout around a bit and thankfully was able to get out safe. There might have been a bit of meta-gaming going on because I could see the guard dog and handler on the map, but in character (IC) I knew I couldn't delay because that duo had been spotted earlier.

When we pulled back that night I sketched out the following plan to get our group inside the enemy warehouse:
  • We would retreat back to the Glittering Gem (inn) to resupply with some essential gear (climbing harness, climbing daggers, climbing/knotted ropes, weaponblack, catstink, and a bag of cats)
  • Duting the day individuals from the party (but not Klemwinkle because he was a Gnome) would mosey over to the compund and spread some catstink along the fence on that side of the compund we wished to enter. Hoepfully the guard dogs going "crazy" throughout the day would keep the handlers from wanting to check out that side of the building. The handlers were the weak spot of the pair....and this might last for only one night at best.
  • Our Cleric would memorize a continual darkness and silence spell if possible.
  • Klemwinke would hop the fence and scale the side of the building using his climbing harness and climbing daggers. Once at the window he would check it for traps and lower a climbing rope.
  • After the area had been silenced, the group would scale the fence and climb up the rope, using the climbing daggers as footholds as needed. The half-ogre would be last and standing by with the bagged cats. If he sees the guards he'll toss some cats on the inside of the fence.
  • After everyone is inside, Klemwinkle will climb back down the building and remove his climbing daggers and rope to make it as unobvious as possible anyone had climbed up the building.
Hopefully this would put us inside the compound and well away from the array of traps and guards set-up to repel an entry from the main doors. In my next post I'll have to relay how it's going so far. Every plan has it's "hick-ups"

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