November 30, 2008

Brief Game

Our online group got together last night for a "brief" game that lasted four hours.

We only had three players and we lost about 60-90 minutes waiting for the third, but that wasn't a big deal since we had so much stuff to go over and it had been over a month since we'd played last.

Taking inventory of our situation we had two ships (one of which had next to no sails or rigging left), 6 captives, and a hold full of slaves. To make matters worse most of our small crew is dead.

We seek counsel from our Captain, since he's probably the best bet for good info about what to do with the ships in their current state. We also question a pirate and manage to get some info to. In the end we decide to transfer any "booty" from the Ghoul to the Sea Wolfe, along with the Ghoul's Ballista and a couple of slaves who have the needed skills to help us and are willing to strike back against the slavers.

The crew and slaves help us transfer the goods and help make both ships as capable as possible under the circumstances. Luckily for us the port we need to head for (Highport) is only two days down the coast and we could almost drift there if needed. The Captain is given instructions to take the Ghoul back up North to Safeton and release the slaves to the town guard so they can make their way back to their families. The Ghoul is to be sold and the proceeds broken down into shares. Every party member and the Captain get a full share and the 10 or so original crewman (or their surviving families) get 1/2 share. Technically we don't owe the crew or captain anything, but it seems the right thing to do and by giving the Captain a full share he's more likely to get the best price for the Ghoul.

Only two of the former-slaves-turned-crew show much promise, but we need a full regiment if we are to even come close to succeeding. We have a new navigator, Barnacle Bob, and a Lizardman named Skarr. Skarr has been a slave for nearly five years, so he's more than happy to get a chance at the slavers....and he's likely to have some good information too.

It took us the whole session to get all the arrangements made and get the Sea Wolfe into Highport. We still have 3 weeks or so to find the slave we're looking for and administer the antidote. We definately need some more help if we are to succeed.

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