December 28, 2008

Some unexpected exercise

It snows in Boise. That's a fact, but in reality it usually doesn't snow very much here at the edge of the high desert. Most of our snow gets caught up in the mountains and held there for months until late spring/early summer (or even late summer in some places) when it melts and we get to play in the river (if you're in to that kind of thing).

This last week or so it has been snowing....a lot. It's been snowing a lot at night and melting off during the day, but around Xmas time we had a cold spell where it didn't melt....and sometime didn't stop snowing. Yesterday it snowed all day long..about 5 inches.

I ended up having to shovel the walk 3 times yesterday. Tessa loves running around the front of the house while I'm shoveling. I was tossing her a retriever dummy for a while, but she was damaging the dummy (should have gotten a canvas one instead of plastic) and I was out there to shoevl, not play with/train the dog.

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