June 29, 2009

Way too cute pics

This is the daughter of some of our friends from Chattanooga, TN. After getting to spend a couple days with my mother and having a half-assed visit with my brother's kids (seriously, even a casual "hello" and a hug for the Uncle they haven't seen in over a year would have been nice) the little moments with my friend's kid were enjoyable. Zari's generally a good kid and just too damned cute:

Just a short video of Zari Kersting on a lazy morning at the con

Zari Kersting playing a game with her father Topher. We were hoping to get her to tell us what sounds animals make. When asked "What sound does a zombie make?" She will either answer "Brains" or "No"...since she knows we want to hear the former answer.

Zari Kersting at Origins playing with Casey. She is running up to him and calling him "Daddy" (he isn't) because of his outrageous an playful response.

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