June 29, 2009

Visit to the KenzerCo office

On Tuesday, June 23rd we stopped by the KenzerCo offices presumably to pick up our pre-orders of HackMaster Basic. The shipment was due to arrive on my birthday the 22nd, but came the week before so we weren't in a rush to try and be the first to get a copy.

Jolly posted via twitter that he'd be at the office to load up the truck for Origins and we had some time before we had to get to the airport for our flight to Columbus.....

Checking out the front of the store.

Coming around to the side

Out back

Jolly Shows up

Rear brief interior shot

And to my Brother-In-Law Dan: Yes, these videos may very well be as boring as your "water moving by" videos from your cruise, but you aren't being forced to watch them. I am still scared of the deep water and simply looking at a map of the ocean makes my heart rate slow to an alarmingly slow rate and I fear I'll die of boredom as I almost did while watching your videos....

To the rest of you: Yes, of course I'm kidding.

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