September 2, 2009

Upcoming trip

I hope you're the least fat, bald, broke, embarrassingly drunk person at your high school reunion is that time again. This summer marks the 20th anniversary of my departure from the Davis County Community School District. Yep....we all know what that means....I'm old.

Carolyn and I are leaving soon to attend the reunion. We fly into Des Moines and then travel on down to Davis County to have an all-too brief party at some party cabin in the woods.

I haven't seen the majority of my classmates since graduation. I did attend the 10th reunion and that had a decent turnout, but I hadn't been to any of the other reunions. It doesn't help that I currently live about 1500 miles away.

The organizers for the reunion put together a Facebook group, so I have felt the need to face the evil that is Facebook so I can pretend to communicate with my classmates. So far about the best I've done is send and recieve friend requests. I did get in touch with my old neighbor and swap some brief "what have you been up to for the last 22 years". Twenty-two years since she left our sophmore year and didn't actually graduate with the rest of us.

Could be an interesting trip......

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