October 8, 2009

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day...

Been a rough month. I've had to put in a few extra hours with trips and preparing for trips. Unfortunately I got a bit over-extended and made a few stupid mistakes. Even more unfortunate was the fact that I compounded these mistakes by putting all the messed up stuff in one place.

I "lost" an important document when I decided to place it in my briefcase and hand-carry it to my boss. I thought I had left it at his house the Saturday before my trip. I ended up having to go in for an extra day to get everything squared away before the trip. Nope....it went into the briefcase and forgotten about.

Then I picked up the boss' Passport because I was supossed to FedEx it out last week for a Visa application. I was too busy to get it out last week and packed it into that same briefcase for the trip home. This is actually good because he needed it this weekend and if I had sent it off he would have just been SOL. Problem was that I pulled the file folders containing the Passport and put them into my carry-on for the trip home.

Lastly, I did hand-deliver the boss' camera to Florida as he had asked....but he left it in my room and I hurredly shoved it into.....you guessed it, my briefcase.

Now all of this isn't a big deal except for the simple fact I decided I didn't want to hand-carry my briefcase back at the end of my trip and shoved it in the big box I was sending back FedEx ground.


That was Saturday. Fast-forward to Monday and Tuesday when we are frantically looking for objects I not only don't have, but didn't know that they were in the briefcase.....the briefcase that I stuffed into a slow box home. I suspected the Passport might be in the briefcase, but I didn't know for sure. The document and the camera.....their wherabouts was a total mystery.

Now to add to the frustration and desperation level, when I tried to look up our FedEx account the shipment wasn't even listed. I had to do some sleuthing and remembered I had (fortunately) requested a shipping reciept so buried in my Gmail was the tracking number. Since this couldn't be that simple...when I did manage to look up the status of my shipment, it showed an error and looked like the package was on its way back to the location I shipped them from!

A few phone calls and I was able to ascertain the package was on it's way to Colorado enroute to Boise, but I'd get them sometime on Friday. A bit late, but doable.......oh yeah, I forgot to mention I accidentally left my keys in the briefcase!

Thank goodness the package arrived today and everything I was looking for, even the stuff I wasn't aware I was looking for, arrive safe and sound.

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