June 14, 2011

Boise is full of idiots

I'm sure that there are plenty of idiots outside of Boise, but I'm thinking of two spectacular morons that I encountered on my drive home from the Toastmaster's meeting.

It is after 10 PM and I'm driving down State Street, a 5 lane thoroughfare (2 lanes each direction with a center turning lane).  Somewhere around 27th Street these two heroes of the Modern Age are out walking their Yorkshire Terrier and decide that they don't have to wait for the cross signal to make their way across State Street.  I'm driving the speed limit of 35 MPH and have the green light....have had it since back at 23rd Street and of course I had to hit the brakes to keep from hitting these idiots.

It wasn't like they had the light and were walking too slow.  They were walking slowly, but they crossed the Eastbound lane against the light before they even got to the Westbound lanes.

I wish there was a cop available when you need it.

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