June 20, 2011

Gyro Shack/House

I'm a sucker for ethnic foods...always have been.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to try some gyros at the Gyro Shack.  They were very good, I dare say better than the ones I had in Germany at the Greek restaurant.  Normally when you eat at an ethnic place the food has been subverted to the host country's tastes.  So Chinese food in Germany is very different than Chinese food in America and both usually pale to Chinese food in ethnic Chinese areas.  The Greek place in Germany was run by Greek ex-pats and we only found out about it because we had a Lt. Col. that was of Greek descent.

Anyway....I've gone to Gyro Shack 5 times now to eat.  Twice I've gone there during posted business hours only to find the place closed with no explanation whatsoever.  They open at 10 and I was there at 10:15 today for an early lunch.  One employee pulls in and parks beside my car and then walks right by me as I start to leave.....not a word.  Since there is no way he'll have the place ready for business soon, I had no choice but to leave.  FAIL

The food is good and I've found the female employees to be friendly.  The Gyro House is probably 5 or 6 blocks out of my way so I just don't go by it unless it is deliberate.

Gyro House?  The Gyro Shack had to change its name.  Evidently some guy incorporated under the name "Gyro Shack" and is opening a place down on State Street....a location I drive by all the time.  This new guy not only took the name Gyro Shack, but also copied their logo pretty closely.  The border is different, but not noticeably so.  He used the same font and simply reversed the colors so that instead of blue on white it is white on blue.  Most people probably assumed it was a second location.

It isn't, but if they have good food and pricing, while managing to actually have employees working during business hours, I might have to give the Gyro Shack a try.

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gus said...

you got it all wrong, some new guy didnt take the name of the gyro shack i am the original owner of the gyro shack, the ones that changed the name are the new owners, sorry buddy but you got your stories mixed up.