September 25, 2011

Best viewed in Chrome?

I was planning a different blog post, but I got a message from a friend of mine that this blog looked rather bad on her end.  Since I just updated my blog template (and spent a lot of time doing so), this concerned me quite a bit.

My first inclination was that this might just be another Internet Explorer issue.  I didn't even ask what browser she was using, just made an assumption.  This was easier for me to do since I only have two browsers on my laptop.  Chrome, which I installed myself (as if it was hard to do) and the default IE 8.  When I opened my blog in IE, this is what I got.

This is the same error my friend was complaining about.  Well, maybe not so much complaining as informing me about.  A quick Google search (sorry Bing) took me to this gem:
Note If you use Internet Explorer 8, try Compatibility View. To do this, start Internet Explorer 8, click
Compatibility View Settings on the Tools menu, and then add the Web site that you want to view by using Compatibility View.

I changed my settings to compatibility view, and that did the trick.

Compatibility view, for those that cannot see the picture, looks like a tore-up page just right of the address bar and just left of the reload page button.  You can also select Tools: Compatibility View Settings and check "Display all websites in Compatibility View", which is the bottom-most checkbox.

This fixes IE8 right up.  I have no idea if this is an issues in any other version of Internet Explorer.

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