September 27, 2011

Hypocritical bastard....

World, meet Polly. This is her reaction to seeing Krystal for... on Twitpic ...thy name is Christopher.

For years I have had one simple rule when it came to pets: we could have no more than one per bedroom, fish not included.  My wife and I used to share our small three-bedroom home with three cats.  Simple enough.

I was devastated when my cat Miu died.  Although I had always considered myself a dog person, I was shocked at how much I loved a "stupid cat".  When we got Tessa it was because my boss wanted an office dog.  That brought our pet total back up to three, but Obie soon was banished to the garage and is now strictly an outdoor cat.  I cannot have a cat spraying indoors and being destructive.  He liked the garage, but not nearly as much as he liked crapping everywhere but his litterbox.  This winter his kitty door from the outside to the garage will feed into the oversized dog indoor dog kennel I bought for Tessa.  Now I'm kind of glad I bought on that was too big.

This morning I was running errands.  I stopped at the store and bought Obie some canned food and picked up another bag of kitty litter for Krystal.  Normally I leave these things for Carolyn to do since they are her cats, but Obie needed food and the litter was at a good price.

I also needed to stop at Zamzows to look for a replacement light for my aquarium.  I thought one bulb had burned out, but instead it seems one of the ballasts is out.  When I went to the Zamzows on Fairview I met Polly, and she simply amazed me.  Extremely affectionate and talkative.  As I type this she is rolling around in the cage and talking to me.  There was just something about her.  I called my wife and asked if I would be a total asshole if I brought home another cat even though I've been telling her for years we had enough.  When she said yes I started to cry.

I know, manly thing to do....but I couldn't help myself.  I quickly adopted Polly and brought her home.   Tessa's old kennel is setup in the living room so the other animals can safely get used to Polly.  Tessa was extremely inquisitive, as I expected, but she is more interested in just getting a bunch of good snootfuls of the new girl.  Her hackles didn't come up at all.  Polly went into a defensive stance and eventually hissed at her, but it took quite a while.  When Krystal finally entered the room, well she paused and stared for a while before hissing.  Polly got a little submissive, laying down and extending a paw while chatting all the while.

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