October 4, 2011

A bit more about me....but not too much

I've been asked about the "logo" I have on the upper right section of my blog.  For the most part they are pictures of me, but there was some confusion about what was what.

The first picture is from Origins Game Fair 2007.  the KenzerCo booth had several wooden cut-outs of the Knights of the Dinner Table.  Carolyn took a picture of me with B.A. Felton, the Knight's GM.  After a little Photoshop work to blur out the background, I used this picture as an icon online with several online forums.  I also believe it is used as my Gravatar icon, so if you see me out and about on the interwebs on some random blog then that is the picture I use.  I could have gone with a different picture from that trip......

The second photo I really like.  It is from my old employer's 2009 Christmas Party.  I had just lost fifty (50) pounds and was wearing a rather expensive custom-made suit that fit like a glove.  The kicker is that the suit wasn't made for me, but for my boss something like 20 years earlier.  He had never worn it and asked me to try it on.  I feel like a million bucks when I wear that suit, or I will when I get back down another 15 pounds that I've gained back.  I use this picture on anything work related, like my LinkedIn account.  Until I get around to building my family's website, it is also set up as my landing page at www.stogdill.net (Warning: that landing page is designed to enlarge the picture to whatever size screen you have, so the picture could be quite jarring if you open it on a full-sized window, especially if it is a big monitor.  Now you cannot say I didn't warn you.)

The third, or middle picture, is the icon I use at the Kenzer & Company forums.  I've used three icons since joining the forums in 2003.  At first I used a rather plain picture of an elf that was black and white except for bright green eyes.  I didn't feel comfortable using that picture since I didn't ask for permission and changed it over to the current icon back in late 2003- early 2004.  My nickname in school was "Face" and that carried over when I was in the Air Force.  Some people like to change their icon often on forums, but I find that disconcerting since I generally notice the graphic before the name.  A big bonus for me was that this picture was a relatively common piece of clipart so I was able to get name badges made up (and for a while gamer business cards) with this artwork.  When at cons it helped people to associate me with "that guy" from the forums.

The next picture is just one I liked.  Over the years as our Origins Game Fair attendance became an annual vacation we went from being strictly players to volunteers for Kenzer & Company.  The con ends on Sunday afternoon and a lot of people have to leave that day, often in the morning, in order to make it home.  I've found it much easier to simply stay and extra day and leave Columbus Monday.  The plane tickets are usually cheaper and we don't have to lose out on a day of the con.  We do this when we are able to attend GenCon too.  Since we are volunteers and have the time, we try to help out in tearing down the booth.  Security usually tries to hassle us, but KenzerCo can use the help and we usually get our hands on exhibitor badges at some point so we're good.  One year I played the part of one game designer's 10 year old son so I could help out.  Ages aren't printed on the badges and they don't check against IDs....

Anyway, a couple of booths over is Steve Jackson Games, and they have the Munchkin suit.  I ask if I could try the head on and take a picture.  Come on, it's just us game company employees...right?  They warn me it is hot, sticky, and stinky from one of their guys wearing it three days straight, but I have to try it on.  How many times can you be the Munchkin?  I really needed to shower afterwards and relief would be a couple hours away, but it was totally worth it.

The last picture is me holding a mythical copy of HackMaster for Xbox.  I recently blogged about our visit to the set of Chuck where I got to hold this prop.

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