October 30, 2011

Halloween Party!

Today was the big Toastmasters Club 61 Halloween Party.  I spent the last twenty-four hours rushing to finish our costumes...with mixed results.

My Ellis towing cap and the first aid packs arrived Friday.  Friday night I spent coloring the neck and sleeves of my Bullshifters shirt brown, but I forgot to wash the shirt again which meant the next was all pulled out and distorted (It is hard to color those).  My biggest task was getting the first aid kits squared away.  I managed to get all of the old imprint removed and all I had to do was get the new stuff painted on.  After masking everything I tried to give it a nice coat of spray paint.  The paint went everywhere it wasn't supposed to and pretty much ruined them.  Hopefully I can remove the new paint and start again, but it's too late for this party.

The next big project was finishing my bile bomb.  I was able to get the lid put together easy enough, and I was able to get the flip bar made out of plasticard.  With a little work using a heat gun I was able to shape it how I wanted.  The hard part was cutting out the part of the top that let me run the cotter pin through.  That was a mess and very difficult.  I think next time I would drill the hole first and then work to cut away the parts of the lid I need to.  I have the parts to remake one should I want to.

The plan was originally to find a small blacklight (do they make blacklight LEDs?) and fill the tube with a slime that is phosphorescent.  Since there is no blacklight, I just went with a thicker water/cornstarch solution, with a hint of school glue.

The next prop I needed to work on was the Molotov Cocktail.  All I had to do for that was make the labels and slop them on an appropriate bottle.  I wouldn't have minded using a real whiskey bottle, but for safety reasons I wanted to go with plastic.  I found a cheap 99 cent bottle of root beer that would suffice.  I soaked the label off and put a hole in the cap.  After that all I needed to do was stick a piece of t-shirt through the hole, add a knot, and give the free end a quick burn.  I keep a pile of old t-shirts to use as rags, so material wasn't an issue.

Pills...check.  Boomer Bile....check.  Molotov Cocktail.....yep.  Guns.....oh, yes...almost forgot.  I still had to fasten the flashlights to the Uzis.  I used zip ties instead of electrical tape.  Once that detail was wrapped up we were ready to go to the party.


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